Martin Burböck
composition, arrangements, filmmusic, studio & live

Hasnerplatz 2/19 8010 Graz

phone: +43 (0)664 593 44 55


For the job as a musician and composer today it is necesarry to have your own recording equipement.
During the last few years Martin bought a lot of professional studioequipment and so his small homerecordinstudio developped to a professional audio production station.

Additional to his studio Martin has small but very fine mobile harddiskrrecording system which can be set up anywhere it's needed within afew minutes. Therefor he uses a 2Ghz Pentium4 Notebook a RME Cardbus digitalsoundcard Interfase with an in/out box with 3 optical Adat connections and 3 times analog/digital converters with 8 Channels each.
That means that recordings up to 24 channels can easily be recorded directly on to a harddisk in all known audioformats.
This reduces the costs of a live recording
in opposite to other studios because it is no use to convert or copy the audiomaterial from other recording medias like ADATS, or TASCAM and so on.


So if you want to have best quality for a fair prize you have found it!